About Us
We aim to provide timely and effective solutions to individuals, groups and organisations requiring access to the skills of clinical psychologists. We provide a wide range of services from individual therapy to organisational consultancy, and can tailor services to meet your individual needs. We are committed to ensuring all clients receive a high quality and effective service. Our services utilise the academic and applied knowledge base of psychology to develop and promote evidenced based approaches to the needs of our clients. We believe that services and individuals need to prove their effectiveness through regular analysis of their work and we audit all our services to ensure they are effective and meeting the needs of our clients.

We consider that the psychological knowledge base can provide an understanding of human behaviour and experience that is of great potential value to everybody. Understanding why we do what we do, and what influences and shapes our responses to the events of our lives, can help us to change how we understand ourselves and our priorities. We have access to a wide range of motivated and enthusiastic clinical psychologists whose skills can be honed to meet your need for understanding and positive change. We use many methods of engagement with clients, depending upon your circumstances and needs. Please browse through this website to explore the services we can provide to meet your needs. Should you wish to access any of these services or want to discuss your needs further please contact us.

Specialist Psychology Services for People of All Ages and Abilities
Dr N P Alwin Limited
PO Box 669
Bury, BL8 9RG

Tel: 07754 077216

Email: admin@aps-uk.org
Web: www.aps-uk.org

Applied Psychology Services is now proud to announce the launch of their new website for 2008. Please keep checking back for new updates