Individual Psychological Therapy

At APS we offer a unique approach to offering assessment and therapy services to individual clients. We have a database of practising Clinical Psychologists who have specialist knowledge in a range of psychological approaches. We aim to match the needs of the individual with a therapist who has significant experience in the area of difficulty presented.

The approach taken by all our therapists is to offer a collaborative approach to developing an understanding of the presenting difficulties and then working on a shared understanding of how to move the clients forward.

At APS we do not label or diagnose people as we believe that this is not helpful, what is helpful is to understand how the problem developed, how it is maintained and how best to progress and minimise the impact it has on individual's lives.

Our therapy contracts can be short-term or longer term, depending on the needs of the client.


We are informed by national guidance of evidence-based approaches for certain problems for example, cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety based difficulties in adults. (see for further details).

We have therapists available to work with adults, children and young people, people with learning disabilities and older adults. We also have therapists with experience in people with neurological disabilities and a range of other client groups. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Examples of some areas we can offer assistance with:

> Low self-esteem/Confidence problems
> Low mood
> Panic attacks
> School refusal
> Anxiety problems

> Obsessive-Compulsive problems
> Relationship difficulties
> Behaviour management problems
> Post-traumatic Stress problems
> Bereavement difficulties

> Stress management difficulties
> Anger control problems
> Phobias
> Attachment difficulties
> Pain management
> Fatigue management

We also have people available who offer assessment and therapy for clients with more complex presentations, in the areas of child and adult psychological services. These can be children in Local Authority Care or those who present with higher levels of need. We can offer assessment and interventions for adults with complex presentations. This can be to inform the individuals/families or carers and/or agencies involved in the care of these individuals.

Should you have any queries please contact us to discuss your requirements where you can talk to one of our therapists directly regarding our services.

Providing a range of psychological therapies for children, adults and older adults


If you require any more information or require more confidential advise please contact us using the information here:

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