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Looked After Children's Services
Applied Psychology Services is now proud to announce the launch of their new website for 2008. Please keep checking back for new updates
At APS we offer a range of services for people involved with children and young people who are Looked After.

We can offer full psychological assessments to inform placement changes, issues regarding contact matters and assessments of complex presentations in young people who are Looked After and Adopted.

We offer consultancy to carers, staff or workers who support foster carers and adoptive parents.

We can offer training on an ongoing or one-off basis to workers, staff teams or carers on issues such as:

        Using Attachment Interventions to Support Looked After and Adopted Children
        Behaviour Management from an Attachment Perspective
        Attachment in Residential Care: New Perspectives
        Mental Health in Looked After Children
        The Impact of Abuse on Children and Young People

We can provide direct interventions to young people when appropriate and can liaise with existing services to best support the needs of the young people.

Should you have any queries please contact Dr Gordon Milson, Head of Psychotherapy and Training Services to discuss your requirements.