Trauma Rehab Services
We have particular skills in the treatment and management of psychological trauma. We can provide any combination of services from:

Assessment and formulation of an individual's response to trauma
Full profile of psychological responses including: PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Traumatic response to physical injury and long term adjustment to loss of role, function and/or disability.
Therapy and management to minimise traumatic responses
Focus upon wellness and recovery, including return to work.
Specialist assessment of Apparently Disproportionate Outcome
Identification of obstacles to change, particularly when and why an individual has reached the limit of their ability to change
Consultancy to individuals, teams and organisations

Our approach is to identify the individual's psychological profile and motivation to engage in positive change. Target specific change focused tasks, including confrontation of traumatic anxiety, effective management of post trauma symptoms and realistic analysis of future functioning. We have a positive future focus emphasising the beneficial psychological effect of employment, relationships and leisure activities.

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